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I love you more than I ever loved a man
before. Need you in my life, need you
by my side. I need you every moment,
every day, I wanna go with you every way!
Ø-Value: 4,53
Ratings: 88

SMS message by:
Every step I take,
every move I make,
every single day,
every word I say,
I think of you,
because I love you!
Ø-Value: 4,53
Ratings: 87

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You have touched my heart in a way
it has never been touched before...
...and never will be again!
Ø-Value: 4,51
Ratings: 150
Don't ever think that you're alone!
You're never alone because my soul
is always with you. It belongs to you
like my love and my life.
Ø-Value: 4,41
Ratings: 49

SMS message by:
You are my angel, you are my sky.
You are the BOY what for I would die.
With you I'm always glad,
no more times which were so bad.
I love you!
Ø-Value: 4,4
Ratings: 5

SMS message by:
JaNnInA Di
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