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Thinking of you keeps me awake.
Dreaming of you keeps me asleep.
Being with you keeps me alive.
I love you so!
Ø-Value: 4,39
Ratings: 112

SMS message by:
Lil Lyah (missya)
It's amazing how you can speak right to
my heart, without saying a word you can
light up the dark. I love you!
Ø-Value: 4,38
Ratings: 159

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I realized that I'm nothing without you.
My heart belongs to you and I swear god
that I'll never hurt you. I just want to say,
that I'll love you forever!
Ø-Value: 4,38
Ratings: 69

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The day I saw you first you got a place in
my heart and you will have this place 4ever
and ever until the end of time cause I love
you so much!
Ø-Value: 4,34
Ratings: 100

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Every moment of every day,
I wanna see you, I wanna say:
No one knows you like I know you,
no one hears you the way I do.
No one loves you like I love you!
Ø-Value: 4,26
Ratings: 123

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