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I need three things in my life:
The sun, the moon and you!
The sun for the day,
the moon for the night
and you forever!
I Love you!
Ø-Value: 4,49
Ratings: 138

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Von Julia für Jonas
The shortest word I know is "I".
The sweetest is "love".
And the person i never forget is "you"!
Put them all together: I love you!
Ø-Value: 4,47
Ratings: 194

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God gave wings to every angel he had,
but not to you, because he was afraid
of being left of the sweetest and nicest
angel he ever had!
Ø-Value: 4,46
Ratings: 173
There are always two sides in a story.
Here's mine! I found out, I cannot live
without you, because I love you! I need
you more than words can ever say!
Ø-Value: 4,41
Ratings: 112

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You are the first one
that I love and the last one
I will forget!
Ø-Value: 4,41
Ratings: 210

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